Saturday, May 7, 2016

DIY Minion Card!

I whipped up this card the other day for a birthday party Lila was invited to; minion themed of course! It's pretty self explanatory, I just used an image we had on a sticker. I thought the crooked smile added character! And how cute is that hair!?
 The best part of this was that as I was making my card, Lila got inspired to make her own version of the card! She decided to make the one-eyed guy. I was so impressed that she cut out her own shapes, and used her glue stick to do all her own glueing! She even colored it and added legs - her idea! 
Then she decided that she wanted to give her card to her friend, and keep mine for herself! 
This was such a fun project, I think this will become a tradition now every time one of Lila's friends has a birthday!


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