Thursday, January 7, 2016

What I got for Christmas! (and a Giveaway!)

Hello Everyone!

So there is a huge trend on YouTube of making videos about what we get for Christmas. This trend is so popular that many YouTubers upload their videos early on Christmas morning, making us wonder if they actually hijacked Santa's sled on Christmas Eve to get their presents early!

Obviously, I wasn't one of those people. I upload my video a good ten days after Christmas! I totally understand why people love these videos, because I have fun watching them. Not only does it give me ideas of things to ask for for my birthday (in February) but it also gives me great gift ideas for others in the future!

That being said, I also understand why some people are bothered by these videos and see it as bragging. I think in a way this video is bragging, in the sense that I am happy and excited about what I got and I want to show it to you guys, in hope that you will find it entertaining and enjoyable. But in no way to I ever want my happiness to make others feel bad. Which is why I wanted to take a minute to focus on one of the most special parts of the holidays: being grateful. There are so many amazing things that happen around the holidays, and I think above all it is important to recognize the special people and moments, and not just the "things."

So I wanted to share my "What I Got For Christmas" video with you guys, and I also wanted to let my blog readers who aren't subscribed to my YouTube channel know that I am doing a little giveaway, which you can find the details of if you watch the video.
But I also wanted to tell you guys three things that I am super thankful for lately. So here goes:

As I was typing this, I realized something. All of these things I have viewed in a negative aspect at one time; Lila being too attention seeking, Mike and I quipping at each other/not much time to myself, traveling too much/not being home enough - it really all boils down to me not having my usual required time to myself. But when I try, I can turn each negative though into a piece of gratitude. And once I started typing, I realized I really have a TON of things to be grateful for. 

1) Lila is finally at an age where we can sit down together and do activities. For Christmas she received a lot of board games, card games, crafts and art projects. It is amazing to see her creativity shine through when she does these projects on her own, but it is even more special to do them with her, because I feel an indescribable connection with her, and just seeing that joy in her face at the fact that I want to play with her is priceless.

2) Mike and I got a lot of time together in the last few weeks. We definitely got super frustrated with each other. Like he reeeeaaally gets on my nerves and I'm sure I really get on his too! But there were also some amazing moments we had together, like shopping and wrapping gifts for our family together, watching lots of movies, and rearranging Lila's room all come to mind. We also have fun playing board games with Lila for as long as all of our attention spans can last!

3) I am marrying into an amazing family. Mike's Mom is the most selfless, generous, and hard working person who keeps a smile on her face and her sense of humor no matter what. Mike's sisters have shown so much love and care to me since I met them. They have made me feel like a welcome part of the family and I truly feel like I can be myself around them, and not be judged. Mike's Dad is literally Mike in 20some years. He is exactly like Mike, down to the nervous habits, jokes, and selective hearing. It is so sweet to see him turn into a giant teddy bear around Lila. And I can't wait to watch Lila grow up with my future nephews!

If you want to enter the giveaway, just watch this video and leave a comment on my YouTube channel with something you are grateful for.

Do you celebrate Christmas where you live? 


  1. Happy new year Liz! Sounds like you had a great Christmas!
    I love that you were able to turn each negative thought into a positive one :)
    All the best for 2016 xo

  2. I had no idea there was this trend going on! I agree there are plenty of things to be grateful for, big and small :) Off to check out your video!