Friday, December 4, 2015

Affordable Christmas Cards in the Shop!

Hi guys, today I wanted to share some new Christmas cards I recently listed in my Etsy shop!
This year has been the year of going through stock and making cards out of everything I have laying around! I am on a mission to use of the piles of paper and scrapes that I have been hoarding for far to long. This has been fun, because it means I get to make tons of new cards! 
I've never been entirely sure how to sell my cards on Etsy. I've tried selling individual cards, sets of identical cards, groups of different cards, and (the most popular choice) blank stationary sets. 
Here is an example of the blank stationary sets:
I am trying to find a happy medium between greeting cards and stationary, because I love making the greeting cards but stationary sells better. Something I am trying is groups of assorted greeting cards for a lower price.
Christmas Card Bundle
Gold Lover's Christmas Card Set


  1. Gorgeous Liz! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoy the new year's festivities this week. Talk to you in the new year! xo