Friday, October 30, 2015

Perfume Display Inspiration

Last week I posted my Perfume Wishlist which got me thinking about perfumer display ideas. Because honestly, half the fun of buying a perfume is having the beautiful bottle and seeing it every day on your vanity! Or is that just me? 

One simple and elegant way to display perfume is with a simple tray on a pedestal. This keeps your bottles all in one place, and the raised tray helps make them a focal point in the room!

Another classy way to display multiple bottles would be with a small shelving unit. You could set it on your vanity table like in the picture, or your could hang the shelves on your wall for extra storage!

If you want a really elegant display, you could go for a three-tiered tray system. You can also add decorative elements like this lovely gold statue if you have extra room!

There is something so feminine about perfume bottles, what better way to accentuate that than with an ornate vintage tray? That vase and mirror add lovely antique elements as well.

If you (like me currently) only have one or two perfumes to display, consider styling them in a tray with other visually pleasing elements, like a small vase of faux flowers, a candle, and possibly your everyday jewelry and lipgloss!

Don't forget about those samples... If they aren't in sight, you probably won't ever reach for them!

These lovely crystal trays look like they are stacked on each other to create an elegant vanity display! Don't forget you can also repurpose trays that are designed for kitchen use!

This is a nice compact display that would also be portable if you move things around on your vanity or dresser frequently! 

Which is your favorite display idea?


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