Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY - Giraffe Print Uplift

I have had this fun giraffe wall hanging for awhile now, and I ever since the bottom board-thingy broke off I have been going back and forth on whether or not I should throw it away. I almost have several times. But I love it too much! I love giraffes and it is just my style. But it definitely need and uplift. So I looked around my apartment to see what I could use to fix it up...
 I realized a yardstick was the perfect size, and relatively cheap if I ever want to buy another one.
I used black acrylic paint for the boards and mod podge to make the yard stick stick. 
I think it looks very spiffy!
and I am so glad I never threw it out!


  1. I love the giraffe (good you didn't throw it out!), and I like the look of the clipboards :-)

  2. Looks good as new! I love giraffes too :)

  3. Smart! I love it when a quick fix takes care of the problem.

  4. How creative! I can see why you wouldn't want to throw it out. It really pops on the white wall background.

  5. Wow, it looks amazing! Using a yardstick was brilliant!

  6. Great job Liz! and is that your studio? I love those hanging clipboards. so cool :)

    1. Thanks Mia! It is my studio-slash-living room!

  7. The black looks great paired with the canvas! Clever thinking with the yard stick :)

  8. Good save, so worth it! I love it!