Sunday, August 27, 2017

Skederm Skincare Review

Hello again! Today I am very happy to share some lovely skincare products from the brand Skederm. These product were sent to me for review. This is the second time I have worked with Skederm and I was so thrilled to have the chance to work with them again! I really love their skincare products. The products they sent me this time are the Professional Lifting Patches, and the Rooibos Tea Foaming Cleanser & Scrub.

This cleanser smells so nice. I expected it to either smell like tea, or to have an herbal smell to it, but it actually smells quite floral! Like the name states, it is foaming, so once you apply it to your face, you get your hands wet and massage it and it foams right up. I didn't notice any scrubbing properties, and I didn't feel the tea bits as I used it. But honestly, I am really enjoying this cleanser! My skin doesn't feel too dry or stripped after use, although I always recommend using a moisturizer after cleansing (Skederm has some great ones!). 
Honestly, if I were ever going to invest in a lifting treatment like this for any part of my face, this is the area I would invest in. I always wanted a more defined and lifted jawline, so this patch is really perfect for me! As you can see it did pull on my ears a little bit, but it actually wasn't that uncomfortable and next time I stretched the patch out more and it was even better. It is very sticky so it stays in place easily. 
As for the effects, I like to think that I noticed a difference but it's hard to say. Regardless I will definitely continue to use these patches, and I will very likely purchase them in the future!


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