Thursday, November 12, 2015

Influenster: Pumpkin Vox Box

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share the details of this Pumpkin VoxBox that I got from Influenster! is a free website that anyone can join and earn free stuff!
This box was sent to me for free!
All these fun products came in the box!
These chips were absolutely delicious, and I will definitely be repurchasing them. They don't have a huge nutritional value, they aren't whole grain or anything, but they have half the fat of regular potato chips. So I would probably buy these for like a party or a picnic or something like that!!
These soft caramels are also delicious! They are very sticky in the teeth, but really really good. Its impossible for me to eat only one.
I was especially excited to try this bar. It has peanuts, almonds, apples and chocolate! I like it, but the flavor was a little too... something. I'm not sure. I probably wouldn't repurchase this but I would like to try other flavors if they have them! Lila and Mike also tried this, and neither of them cared to finish their square... but I have some picky eaters!!
Fabric softener! I haven't tried this yet... I'm not honestly sure how to use it...
Mr Sketch Scented Marker! Anyone else remember these from their childhood? 
Lila put it to use immediately!
Works of art!!!

Here's a video I did unboxing this box!


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