Friday, November 13, 2015

Around Here: Halloween!

Hi guys! We had such a fun Halloween!! 
I have been so busy focusing on my YouTube Channel launching that I haven't had a chance to post these awesome pictures from our Halloween! We had a Halloween party with Mike's family, then we went trick-or-treating in my parent's neighborhood, and Lila got to wear two costumes in one night! 
We ended up carving our pumpkins the day after Halloween... but it was just as much fun! 
Mike's Jack-o-Lantern
My Jack-o-Latern
Lila's Jack-o-Lantern 
Spooky looking caramel apples!
Trying a bite...
They were definitely more fun to decorate that eat! 
Its fun to decorate with felt pieces too!

We used a drill to make this peaceful pumpkin!
Lila's first costume of the night! This penguin costume used to be mine when I was a kid!
Lila's second costume! Princess Merida, from the movie Brave!
What did you do for Halloween? 


  1. The pumpkins look insane (in a good way obviously!) and I can't get over how cute the costumes are! Really looking forward to seeing more from your blog hun xxx