Monday, October 26, 2015

Too Faced: Holiday 2015 Collection Review

As usual, Too Faced knocks it out of the park with adorable, feminine packaging that we just can't wait to display on our vanities!

Too Faced: Le Grand Palais can only be purchased on for $58.00.
This set come with a deluxe "Better than Sex" mascara, deluxe melted lipstick in "peony," and deluxe  shadow insurance; three of my favorites! 

The main palette slides out and can be used on its own. It contains eighteen eyeshadows (5 mattes, 12 shimmer/glitters), three of which are larger sized for base and highlighting the brown bone. It also contains four cheek products; two blushes, one shimmer bronzer, and one highlighter. 
In my opinion, this palette is beautiful and the packaging is beautiful, and as a collector I am happy to have it, but if you are looking to get the most for your money, this might be one to pass on. My biggest gripe with this palette is that almost all of the shimmer shades are simply not up to par for a Too Faced palette. The four shimmer shades of eyeshadow on the lowest row (Eiffel, Midnight in Paris, Champs Elysees, and Party Dress) are all extremely powdery and full of chunky glitter. The light pink (Delightful) and blueish-white (String of lights) have a lot of fall-out and are not very pigmented. 
That's not to say the palette is a total fail. The blushes, bronzer, and highlighter are beautiful. The matte eyeshadows are fabulous, and "City Lights" is a truly beautiful warm brown with a hint of gold.  "Dreamlight" and "Wishlist" are beautiful shimmer shades. But I must say I am disappointed with the amount of fallout from the other shades! My palette is literally covered in blue glitter from "Midnight in Paris!"
Here is a comparison of this palette next to last year's holiday palette. As you can see, last year's had more eyeshadows and the face products were about double the size. It also came with three brushes and a "Better than Sex" mascara. So I feel like that one was a better value for the money, and this year's is a bit of a fail. 

Too Faced: Le Grand Chateau can be purchased on the Sephora or Too Faced Website for $49.00
Too cute for words, right??
This palette comes with three individual palettes, each with six eyeshadows and one face product. So in total this set comes with eighteen eyeshadows, three face products, and a deluxe "better than sex" mascara.
The three palettes are designed so they could be given as individual gifts, or as one adorable gift! 
 The pink palette comes with five shimmer eye shadows and one matte shadow, as well as one shimmer bronzer. 
 The black palette comes with four shimmer shadows and two mattes. The blush is also matte. I have to mention that insanely beautiful white shimmer shadow with a pink duo chrome! It literally took my breath away when I first swatched it! 
The teal blue palette is the most neutral. It has three matte shades, and three shimmer shades. The shade "oui" is actually a matte black with gold shimmers! The peach blush is also matte. 
Of these two options, I would definitely recommend the second one, "Le Grand Chateau." I believe it is a better deal for your money, the packaging is cuter, and none of the shadows are duds. 

What are you lusting after this holiday season?


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