Monday, October 12, 2015

Thoughts on Transitions

 Ever since I become a mother I have always wanted to give my daughter all of the best experiences I could. I wanted her to be exposed to all kinds of people and activities. I always try to participate in public events at the library, our church, the YMCA, art cart, etc. I guess I feel like since she is (basically) an only child and we don't live near family with small children, I want to get her socialized and playing with other kids as much as possible!  So needless to say, when there is a bouncy house set up in our church parking lot... of course we are going to take advantage of it!

 They set up a bunch of fun events like this for "Rally Sunday" which is basically celebrating the beginning of the Sunday School year. Since Lila is transitioning into 4k and a new Sunday School classroom I wanted to make sure she was at this event so she could get used to it before hand.

The balloon man was fun, although the wait was long! Lila waited very patiently for her turn and when it was, she asked for a little blue poodle. In case you couldn't tell, blue is her favorite color!