Thursday, October 1, 2015

First Day of School

 Lila is officially in 4k! I honestly can't believe she's in school, and the craziest thing of all is that she is going to the same elementary school that I went to! We live in a fairly big city with dozens of elementary schools so the fact that she is going to this one is pretty exciting for me! When we toured the school for her registration, everything seemed like it used to be so much bigger ;)

We arrived about 15 minutes early on the first day, and since the 4Kers get picked up by their teacher outside, we had plenty of time to take some "first day of school" pictures! As you can see, Lila can't resist posing for a picture...

 Look at the little foot pop!

Thankfully I wasn't the only parent snapping pics of my kid!

 I was seriously surprised by how easily she walked inside with the teacher and didn't cry. That was the first day. The second day I had Mike come along to see her school and her teacher, and of course she chose that day to break down. She was clinging to us and running away and just really didn't want to leave us. We ended up going into the school with her (to help the teacher keep things moving) and eventually we parted with a few tears. When I picked her up she was smiling and cheerful and said her day was awesome!
The rest of the week was hot and cold, most days she shed a few tears but I didn't go into the classroom with her because I didn't want that to become a habit.

We will see how things go after her surgery... fingers crossed she transitions just as smoothly after missing several days!


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