Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Clothing Wishlist

If you know me well then you know that I am much more likely to spend extra money on makeup than clothing. I am just a makeup kind of girl! But every season I like to take some time out to pick a few pieces that complement my wardrobe and fit the season, even if I'm not going to buy them! These are some fall pieces I have been loving lately!

I love the fit and style of these cargo pants, and especially the zipper!

Thin, flowing tops like this one are perfect for layering under jackets and sweaters!

I love the gold print on this t-shirt, it would really pop under some layers!

The fabric and texture of this coat is just divine!

A crisp, sharp take on the classic plaid flannel!

The color of this skirt is so amazing and vibrant!

This sweater could easily be dressed up or down.

I love the contrast of the flowing bottom and sharp shoulders and collar of this classy blazer.

The fit of this skirt is flattering on many body types!

What are your fall favorites?


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