Friday, July 10, 2015

DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Boxes

When I got engaged, I knew I wanted a really special way to ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding. I searched Pinterest (as we do) and got some inspiration for creating boxes to give to my bridesmaids. I liked this idea especially because I could mail them to those who live far away, as a special way to ask them without having to wait too long! It was also fun to hand them out to some of my bridesmaids in person. 
I bought the plain white boxes for $2 each at my local craft store. I bought two different sizes, and I chose these square ones for mailing. I used scrap paper from Michael's, cut it to size and adhered it with double sided tape to the edges and bottom of the boxes. I use white card stock and wrote the words "Will You" with marker. I would have loved to have used calligraphy or something prettier, but I didn't have the skills! Still, I like how they turned out.
On the inside I made little squares of the same printed paper and white card stock and wrote the words "Be my Bridesmaid?" On the inside of the lid. I changed Bridesmaid to "maid of honor" for her, of course!
I knew I wanted some sort of personalization, so I wrote a few lines about each girl. I wrote about memories and my favorite traits about them. I used handmade glitter clothespins to clip the papers together.
Here are some shots of the goodies I put in the boxes! Almost everything I either made or got from the Target $1/$3 section...
My wedding colors:
These candles I got in an eight pack from the dollars store and used ribbon with adhesive on the back to decorate them.
And I included this slip with an explanation of the contents! I actually came up with the idea for the contents on my own. It started with the idea to include a pretty rock to represent the girls being "my rock" in life, and I just got creative and chose a few more things to include!!
I had so much fun making these!!!


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