Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thrift Store Haul

 In the summer, Wednesdays at preschool are "water days" which means if I arrive any earlier than 5 pm to pick Lila up I will face a resistance similar to {insert famous historical resistance here}. Since I get done with work at 3, I have time to explore the shops and run some errands in the area while I give her some time to get her water play on.

There are three thrift stores very near my work (Salvation Army, Savers, and Goodwill), I call this the "Bermuda Triangle" and it is a great way to spend some time. There is also a mall nearby but I have to force myself to avoid that or serious damage will occur.

Anyways, my recent trip to the thrift store(s) was brought about by a need to drop stuff off. Or at least that was my excuse. Since it is impossible to go there without shopping, I gave in and picked up some fun stuff! I was proud of myself for spending under $10.00 on everything!

 Oh, and did I mention there is also a Michael's Craft Store nearby? Yeah its pretty dangerous awesome.
They were having a sale on their printed paper packs, so I picked up one "All Seasons" pack and one Christmas-themed pack! Can you believe they have Christmas paper in the stores already? Its never too early in my opinion! And of course I couldn't resist a few adorable stamps in the $2.00 section!!
 Check out these awesome new packs by Me & My Big Ideas: DIY Gallery Art! Exactly like it sounds these are packs of prints in four different sizes that help you make a lovely gallery wall! I am soooo excited to play with these and I can't wait to share what I do with you! I will share more details on these soon :)
So that's it for my haul! A haul is always justified when you have just donated a bunch of stuff, right!? Of course right. What is the most fun and exciting thing you have bought recently!?!?


  1. Most exited things I bought recently is present for my friend. I visited her with my husband and stayed in her apartment one night while visited LA. She just moved to new apartment and I bought her a professional cleaning service. Personally I don't like to clean myself and I thought it might be a good present for her to recover after moving :)

    1. Wow that is a fantastic present! I would absolutely love to receive that as a gift!!!!