Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Artist Appreciation: Islay's Terrace

 What's "Islay’s Terrace?" The shop name is inspired by my darling three-legged cat, Islay (pronounced eye-lah), who is named after a Scottish island. Islay overseas all creations here on The Terrace, which is also well stocked with cat toys so she’s constantly entertained and knows to keep her feisty little paws off my real craft materials and products.
All items created by me with love and care in my home studio.
 I have always been craft-obsessed. I blame my mother. She’s the one who handed me my first puffy paints and told me to get busy. And get busy I did! I hand-craft each item with lots of love here in my studio. Each piece is unique and has its own personality.
5 fun facts about the brains behind the operations here at Islay’s Terrace. (That’s me!)

1. My shop name is inspired by the name of my cat -- Islay (pronounced Eye-lah.) She’s a Russian Blue, so sort of smoky gray colored. She’s named after a Scottish island that is famous for very smoky scotch. She's the perfect studio assistant, which means she likes to nap while I'm working. (Also, she only has 3 legs.)

2. I love craft supplies. LOVE them! I could spend hours in a craft store. It’s dangerous. I also love vintage items, history, and retro styles. I try to work them into my creations whenever I can.

3. I own my grandmother’s sewing machine – though I currently sew on a newer machine that my mother gave me.

4. I have a master’s degree in creative writing. When I’m not crafting you can find me writing books for teens and young readers.

5. I love learning new crafts. I can spend hours browsing the craft book section of the library or bookstore – and I’ll likely walk away with a new book and new ideas. My fingers are always busy. When I’m on the couch I’m always doing something crafty like knitting or embroidering.
Silk Bead Necklace

Isn't this shop just beautiful? I love the variety. And I can totally relate to having a dangerous love of craft supplies! 
Which item is your favorite?

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  1. How nice to read a little about you. I too can spend hours in the craft and fabric stores. I then come home and have too many ideas that I have no time to make. It's fun and torturous at the same time.

    Love the cat sign!

  2. Love the cat hoop (but I like cat-everything!)