Friday, January 17, 2014

A Secret About Me...

Today I am going to tell you a secret. Here goes: I am very nervous about sharing my New Years' goals on this blog. I'm not afraid of being judged... its more like I am superstitious. I am afraid that if I post my goals online, to the public, then I will be automatically cursing myself into not getting them done. Its like saying "Oh, it's a quiet day today" at work then immediately things get crazy. Do you know what I mean?
Another example is that when I am job hunting, I never tell people about a job, even if I get an interview, until I know for sure that I have the job. I am afraid I am going to jinx it! Anyways, that's just a peek into my crazy brain. Also, I found this awesome creative to-do list on Pinterest. Isn't it funny and inspiring!? (I don't know the original source, so if you do please post in the comments!)
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  1. This board is awesome! A great daily reminder of things to accomplish! I have trouble voicing my goals too due to jinxing. I hope you reach all your 2014 goals.

  2. Haha...that to-do list sounds a lot like mine. So much to do and too little time!
    I find that posting my goals on my blog helps me stay focused. And if others know what I'm working towards, it makes me feel more obligated.

  3. haha - that image is amazing! Love it!
    Btw, I know exactly what you mean - you're a "fait accompli" person just like I am :)

  4. This is an amazing idea! I want to make some sort of goal/vision/wish board of my own. This inspires me even more. Thanks.

  5. I'm like that too! I love that to do list!!

  6. This is fabulous, I loved looking at all the things posted! I know exactly how you feel about jinxing goals, but it's great to have them and see them accomplished.