Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Takedown

This week I am taking down all the Halloween decorations to make way for Christmas! I don't have any Christmas decor yet... so this year I am starting from scratch and I am very excited to do as many DIYs as possible! I had so much fun making my felt ghosts that I just couldn't stop! Here are some shots of my Halloween decor before I took it down:  
This garland I made from several sheets of scrapbook paper. I cut out the images, and hung them on string! I am mildly obsessed with making garlands now and have plans to add quite a few to my shop.
 This awesome skull garland I found at Micheals! I really have to exercise restraint when going into that store during any holiday season. Can you relate?
And now for my masterpiece(s) - I painted these four acrylic paintings from scratch! I have a lot of canvases and paints laying around... I combined some ideas I found on Pinterest and I created these:
The spiderwebs one I made using a felt spiderweb coaster I got at Micheal's (similar to the garland above) then I dipped it in black acrylic paint and stamped away. The handprints were originally going to be turned upside down into ghosts, but mine didn't turn out so well so I just left them as they are!

 What are you up to this week?


  1. Lovely banner, I like the images you have used! I'd love to see what you'll be making for christmas

  2. So sweet and fun! Great ideas for decorating....I would like to make something similar for a Christmas!
    Lets share what we come up with:)