Monday, October 14, 2013

The Park Again!

I know there is a limited amount of time before the cold weather (and dark evenings) sets in, so I have been trying to squeeze as much time at the park as possible!
This time at James Madison Park, there were more than just ducks... we also got feed some seagulls and Canadian Geese!
Of all the birds, the geese were definitely my favorite. They seems more intelligent than the others, and they had the coolest "honk" that was soft and low-pitched. I Also, I forgot how incredibly annoying seagulls are. Definitely the rudest bird out there!
These last two shots are my favorite!

What are you doing with the last warm(ish) days of the year? Or maybe you live in a place where the weather is totally different? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I love that last picture! Even though I am afraid of nearly all animals with wings....

  2. We have ducks in our pond! Love them!
    Gulls are pretty intelligent and resourceful - they are predators after all :)

  3. Love the pictures! I love ducks & geese, we used to go to feed them at a creek nearby our house when we were in Dallas!
    It is always same in Singapore! Sunny, hot & a bit humid! As mush as I love changing seasons, for I now I am enjoying Singapore's weather and cool evening sea breeze while living near marina!

  4. I'm with you: trying to cram in as many outdoor activities as possible before it gets really cold. It's just now starting to feel like fall in Chicago.

  5. Wow, look at all the birds. Sounds like a great day at the park though. Love the seagull in flight shot :)
    We're hoping to get my new studio all boxed in before the cold weather sets in!

  6. It's raining like a mother right now, but so far Oklahoma has not gotten the memo that it's FALL. We're still operating in 80+ degrees in these parts. I'm trying to get all the outside running in I can before the cold front hits.

  7. I'm not spending as much time outside as I should after work, but I am walking at least a mile every day at lunch.