Thursday, September 19, 2013

James Madison Park

Lila and I have been driving past this park on our way home from work/preschool for nearly six months now, and we it only recently crossed my mind that it would be a great place to explore and let off some steam before going home!
 James Madison Park is just beautiful. It is huge and perfect for students, couples, families with kids, someone who wants to practice tight rope walking (we saw this!) or someone who wants to take their turtle for a walk (we saw that too!).
  There is something dreamy and whimsical about sailboats and I just love them! Riding in one isn't my favorite thing, but I blame that on my Dad who likes to push the limits of a boat when he sails.
Lila loved to climb on this life guard chair. There was an actual playground too, but that wasn't nearly as fun.
  Until this summer, I never realized how much I absolutely love ducks. They are so cute and unique and sweet animals. I love how nearly tame they are, especially around Lila- they come close enough to grab the bread out of her hand but not close enough for her to touch them, and it just makes her squeal with delight!
 Seagulls on the other hand - well... they are pretty from afar!
 Two lonely sand castles we found just waiting...
 For Lila!

 Can anyone guess what this column-shaped building is on the inside? I'll post picture of the inside tomorrow!

 Do you have a favorite park in your area? There are so many in Madison that we have yet to explore! But this one is definitely high on our list!


  1. Gorgeous images! Your little one looks so tiny and very cute sitting up in the lifeguard chair.

  2. What a beautiful park! And the flowers are still in bloom!
    I'm guessing that building is a :)

  3. Aren't you glad you stopped? You got some great pictures of such a beautiful place. I think if I were you, I'd stop more often.

    As for the building, my guess is a museum or historical society?

  4. I like that chair, and I am curious about the building.

  5. What a lovely park, great pictures.