Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Artist Appreciation: Useless Paper

Welcome to Useless Paper! I stumbled across this shop one day while searching for handmade paper. I am a paper crafter and a paper lover, and I always like to find new resources for supplies. I instantly fell in love with this shop because of the unique variety of items and their presentation.

And of course, I love that Brady uses 100% recycled materials in most of her work. I have a huge respect for artists who can use recycled materials and still fulfill their creative goals. I am still working on that one!
What do you like about this shop?


  1. I love her journals and wrapping paper...so unique!

  2. I love this! What variety. My favorite thing about them is the eco-aspect - it's something that's hard as a crafter wanting to use paper but still be environmentally conscious! Will keep this shop in mind for later :)

  3. I love handmade recycled paper sheets! Love this shop, I can't choose one! How creative and wonderful!

  4. I love the wrapping paper. If someone gave me a gift wrapped in that, I would frame it! (the paper, not the gift)