Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A visit from Cari!

Last month we were lucky enough to get a visit from my cousin, Cari. She is currently living in Boston for PA school but was home for the summer, and we got to have her for a day!
We started the day off with a fantastic brunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Madison.
Besides the awesome coffee and excellent food, the restaurant is very kid friendly!!
I got the fungus scramble. It comes with a side of whole grain toast and baby greens! How refreshing is that?
Lila is currently a big fan of bacon. I blame it on the fact that I was vegan for six months of my pregnancy ;)
And I just love how they gave her such a beautiful assortment of fresh fruit!
Can I also mention how sweet Cari is? She took her contacts out and put her glasses on because Lila was throwing a mini fit about wearing her glasses. But Seeing Cari in glasses was enough to convince her that they were cool!
Lila loves Cari! This makes me especially happy because I chose Cari to be Lila's Godmother.


  1. Looks like such a great day. Cari seems like a great cousin and very sweet godmother :)

  2. Looks like you had fun. On the menu is orange mascarpone, that sounds like something I want to try!

  3. How cute is your little girl with her pink glasses :) great to hear that you had a lovely time with your cousin