Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Favorites 2.16.18

Happy Friday everyone! This Friday is especially happy for me because it is my birthday!
At first Mike and I were planning to go out to dinner tonight, but after I really thought about it I realized that all I wanted to do was hang out with him at home, child free, and watch movies. Myself 5 years ago would be shocked!

Here are some things I've been loving in the internet world this week!
I am all about the new Easter Hosting collection by Magnolia Homes for Target!

I am totally going to utilize these Nursery Closet Dividers free printable!

I have no words for how excited I was to hear that Polly Pockets are Coming Back!

This post on 7 Beauty Lessons I wish I Knew 7 Years Ago is something I can totally relate to!

I loved reading The Best Facial Oils For Dry Skin - very winter appropriate! 

Gotta love these Bizarre Beauty Facts - the one about NYX was my fave!

This week I watched What Happened to Monday on Netflix - I don't know how I'm going to begin to describe this movie other than I absolutely loved it. I'm making Mike watch it with me tonight. I am a already a huge fan of the actress Noomi Rapace ever since her Girl with the Dragon Tattoo days which is why I wanted to watch this movie. It's set in a dystopian future where multiple births are forbidden and parents are only allowed one child. Rapace plays 7 different characters - identical septuplets who are trying to survive in a world where they are not welcome. Her performance is truly outstanding. There are many fast-paced action scenes, but the storyline slows down at all the  right moments to let us truly appreciate the humanity of the characters. There are many twists and I definitely teared up several times. Like most dystopian settings, this movie requires some suspension of disbelief, which I have no problem with.  Honestly I wish the movie was made into a show with 10 seasons. 

I also watched The Cloverfield Paradox - I haven't seen the other two Cloverfield movies, but my understanding is that they occur in a shared universe but the storylines are not related. This movie is a mix of a sci-fi space movie with a twist of thriller and a dash of horror. I felt like they took advantage of the "alternate reality" aspect to make some weird stuff happen in the movie... some that were later explained and some that were not. I prefer things to be explained, so some of it felt like just being creepy for creepy's sake.  But it was delightfully suspenseful and had plenty of twists that continued right until the end. There is also a strong emotional tone to the movie that helped me relate to it and connect with the characters. 

Here are a couple YouTube videos I enjoyed this week:
Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


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