Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Favorites 02.02.18

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week, happy Friday and happy February!
This week I challenged myself to post 5 YouTube videos, and I am happy to say I accomplished my goal! It is a challenge to work from home with a 5 month old, especially because she isn't on a steady schedule and recently has only been taking 30 minute naps! But I made it work and I am very proud of myself. I am also learning how to work my new camera, a Canon T6i, and I have never owned a dslr camera before so this is a new experience for me! I am also learning new editing software since I used to edit on my iPhone, and now I have to edit on my computer. So it was a week full of learning for me!

The first favorite I have to share is a brand new app by the bloggers over at A Beautiful Mess. It is called A Design Kit and it is created to complement their popular app A Color Story. I downloaded this app the day it came out, and I have been using it every day since. I use it to create thumbnails for my videos (I was previously using the ABM app which is pretty old but still a fav!) and pictures in my blog posts too! 
I need more tassel earrings in my life! 

I am so excited for KL Polish Das Esspensive XXVI!!!

I seriously need this faux fur jacket in my life. It would make winter so much prettier.

Since I was very work-focused this week I didn't really watch any TV or movies, but here are some of my favorite YouTube videos from the week:



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