Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wedding Photos! Pre-Wedding + Getting Ready

Here are the first batch of photos I want to share from our wedding on October 15, 2016! One of my favorite aspects of Ryan Davis Photography is how he captures the natural, beautiful moments of the day in a way that truly helps me relive the day. I know it took me so long to share the photos, (even though my photographer gave them to us in less than a week after the wedding!) but I really wanted to wait until I was ready, and to share them in a way that I felt good about. Also, he gave us over 800 photos so it has taken me a while to sort out which ones I really wanted to share! I will be sharing many more posts like this very soon!

 These photos are from when me and my bridesmaids were getting ready in the hotel room before the ceremony. We had a two hair stylists from Organic Beauty Salon & Spa come to do our hair, and I brought a ton of makeup and as you can see I did my own makeup. Lila even got to have her hair done, which was super fun for her, even though the curls fell out pretty quickly! The girls all wore convertible dresses by toFREEyourStyle, so each girl got to choose how to style their dress in a way they felt comfortable and flattering.

Photography by Ryan Davis Photography
"Bride" Phone Case from Amazon
"Bride" hoodie is from Victoria's Secret
"Flower Girl" bathrobe & flower crown from Claire's
My shoes from Macy's
Lila's shoes from Amazon

If you want to know where anything else is from just ask and I will be happy to let you know!


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  2. Wonderful photography, very captivating! I am also looking for a photographer for my pre wedding shoot. I want someone who can do something different and creative, you know. The marriage is in one of the DC wedding venues, and I just can't curb my excitement!