Wednesday, April 6, 2016

DIY Fringe Pencil Holder

Hi guys! Today I am sharing this super simple DIY/craft project to decorate a pencil holder... or really anything you think would look good in fringe!

 I discovered a new (to me) blog the other day called A Kailo Chic Life which inspired me to give this boring pencil holder a colorful uplift!
I am actually working on uplifting several of the pencil/pen/marker holders in my desk area to give it a brighter, happier look! This particular one I use to hold my BIC permanent markers. Of course, for my first fringe-felt project (oh yes, there were more!!) I had to go with rainbow colors! They are just... so happy! 
A couple tips: Make sure the strips start in generally the same spot on the "back" of the cup so that you can easily hide them. I use double-sided tape to adhere the felt, but I would recommend using a hot glue gun if you want this project to last you a long time! Double-sided tape is great if you aren't sure how you will like it, or how much felt/how many layers you will need. 
I love this look so much! I especially love how the fringe adds same texture along with the color. I can't wait to show you my completed desk set up!!! This can also be fun to do with kids... my daughter had a blast playing with the left-over fringe pieces! 


  1. This is such a cute project and your pencil holder looks so cheerful now!