Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Valentine's Cards

Hi everyone! Today I would like to welcome you to my crafty brain. I want to share some cards that I have recently made.
I cut the letters by hand with glitter cardstock and used mod-podge to glue the letters to the cards!
I finally got my own heat embossing tool, and it is so much fun!
I used stamps on printed paper for this card, then I cut out the shapes and taped them onto the card!
Are you making any Valentine's cards this year? What's your favorite style?


  1. Those are so cute! You have an embossing tool?! Cool. I love the last one best :)

    1. Yes, I just got a heat embossing tool from Michael's, I love it! I also do embossing with my Cuttlebug.

  2. Very cool!! I like the last card with the stamps. Those look very cute. I usually buy my cards for Valentine's Day. I found a really cute card that I think my fiance would like.

  3. Very cute! Love these different types of cards, especially the LOVE banner!

  4. I love the third card, but I love the glitter as well :-)