Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 in Review

In some ways, I feel like 2013 is ending at just the right time. It was a year of changes, but the changes seemed like a natural progression on my journey for independence. I didn't realize how many new things happened this year, until I really thought about it! Here is a review:

>End of Nursing<
In January I finally weaned Lila from breast feeding. It is so weird to think that a year ago she was still nursing! Nursing was such a wonderful experience and I had an incredibly hard time giving it up.

>New Love<
In mid-April I met my boyfriend, Mike, randomly in a bar and I immediately knew he was something special.
He's made life wonderful and Lila absolutely adores him.

>Preschool Student<
Also in April, Lila started daycare! This was a huge step for me, because up until then Lila was staying with my Dad every day while I was at work. My Dad is absolutely great with Lila, but I wanted her to get some socialization (and help with routines like potty training) and I also wanted to give my parents a break. So I signed Lila up for daycare that just happens to be right next to my work. literally 2 minutes away! This was very important because I have to be at work at 7am so I can still drop her off and pick her up.

>Apartment to Ourselves<
In June, our roommate and dear friend decided to find an apartment of her own, and I decided to stay in our two-bedroom apartment so Lila could have her own room! I was a little nervous having the place to myself, but it has been really great for my creativity, and Lila is loving having her own room!

>Independent Sleeper<
Although Lila had her own room, she still slept in my bed at night. In November I took some time off and worked on getting Lila to sleep in her own bed. It was really hard, we had a lot of trial and error, and sometimes she still cries about it, but I know it is in her best interest.

>Part-Time Worker<
In December I cut back on my hours at work. I went from 5 days a week to 4 days a week. Not a huge change, and it doesn't affect Lila's daycare schedule, but I am very excited to have some extra me-time this year to focus on my creative business and blog.

Was 2013 a big year of change for you? Do you have any big changes planned for 2014?


  1. No big changes over here! I started blogging last year though and rediscovered my love for photography. Hope you'll have a wonderful year :-)

  2. Those are lots of changes. I actually had lots of changes this year. I wrote about them in my post here:

    Visiting from the EBT.