Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dress to Impress

Tis the season to be fashionable! I have recently discovered Polyvore and I wish there were 20 more hours in each day to play with it. I love fashion and the ability to create outfit combinations is such a creative delight! Here are three Christmas-inspired outfits that I put together, each one is different and I would love to wear each one on different occasions, depending on my mood!
A Classy Little Christmas

A Flirty Little Christmas
A Girly Little Christmas

A Girly Little Christmas by wildflowerco-liz
Which outfit do you like the best? 
Also, if you have a Polyvore account and you follow me, leave a comment letting me know and I will be happy to follow you back! 


  1. My favourite outfit would be a combo of the first and third, my favourite item is the scalloped purse!

  2. Wonderful holiday outfits!!
    I adore those plaid shoes and the dress with the white peter pan collar :)

  3. I like the red shoes, and the black coat.

  4. I love that black dress and red coat combination! That's so gorgeously classic.

  5. Lovely outfits, I am also a Polyvore addict!