Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Artist Appreciation: Whichgoose

Welcome to my second edition of Artist Appreciation! Today I am featuring the shop Whichgoose on Etsy. The first thing that struck me about this shop was all of the amazing and beautiful photography. The variety of models and settings shows that the artist(s) behind the shop had a fun and creatively fulfilling experience with the whole process of creating their shop.
The pieces themselves are absolutely beautiful. If I get married, I will definitely be wearing something from this shop!  I love the idea of a rustic wedding, and with these pieces you can be rustic/earthy and still feel like a feminine princess!

My favorite items are the Magenta Hair Crown and the Pinecone Hairpiece
I also love the boutonnieres for groomsmen and the ring bearer pillow! Such cute ideas.


  1. You're so right! Amazing photos and items. My fave is the ivory floral wreath. It's so beautiful. Thanks for introducing us to this shop x

  2. All these photo's are so gorgeous and dreamy looking. My favourite is the wreath in the second photo. I love getting to know new shops and artists!

  3. Amazing photography! Lovely feature!

  4. Love it them all but Bohemian wreath is my favorite!