Thursday, September 26, 2013

Artist Appreciation: tushtush

In my experience, people tend to be unaware that Etsy is a large home base for fine artists who in this day and age, simply want an outlet for their creativity. Something beautiful just to enjoy looking at. I love the fact that this exists in this world and we can directly connect to these artists if we choose to purchase from them. This is why I was so attracted to this shop, TushTush.
 Snowy Urban Landscape 

About the Artist:

 Hi my name is Tali!
I am a freelance illustrator living in Israel with my boyfriend.
I have a BA in visual communications from the Bezalel Art Academy. I illustrate for magazines and children's books. I love working in many techniques, to take pictures and to dance.

What do you love about this artwork? I am in love with the bright colored abstract paintings!


  1. The girl with the flowers looks amazing, and I like the shop name :-)

  2. What a truly talented artist! I'm fascinated by the circles painting and of course I love the cat paintings :)

  3. Beautiful artwork! I love the almond tree.

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  4. I need more walls to hang some of these paintings !