Friday, August 30, 2013

Things Making Me Smile #2

 Can you spot the squirrel?
 I love the dream quality of this photo. Did I mention I am a dreamer?
 This has been my go-to color for this summer on my toes! And these shoes- $4 at goodwill!
I am obsessed with vintage, antique, and old historical things. These last three photos I took at my grandparent's house. I was testing the settings on my new camera as well as documenting these awesome pieces. The last photo is of my grandparent's farm. They moved out of this farm when I was about 10 and I have lots of good memories of running around the barns and hiding in the bushes with my cousins!
 This is the best action shot ever. Lila jumping on the couch!
 Such a pretty duck.
 I love dandelions. They look like mini suns, the signify the beginning of summer, and they are just beautiful against the green grass. I even think they are beautiful when they go to seed. I was so glad this detailed shot turned out!
 My favorite skirt... it is slowly falling apart and maybe about 8 years old but I love it and I wear it like sweatpants!


  1. Lovely Shots. It is wonderful to find sweetness in small everyday things!

  2. ...oh and just wanted to add I love love love wild flowers...whenever we go on drives I keep stopping my hubby to take pics of wild beauties on the road side!